Unminify JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML Code

Unminifier tool will unminify, deobfuscate, beautify and format ugly HTML, XML, CSS and JS code to make it readable again.

Put JS, CSS, HTML or XML Code to Unminify/Format

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Unminify JS, CSS and HTML Code

Deobfuscate JavaScript or Unminify JS

Beautify, deobfuscate, unminify or unpack your ugly JavaScript code, making it pretty and readable. In modern days, some developers try to obfuscate their js code. If you minify or compress your JavaScript code you can unpack the code perfectly with this tool. But if you use strong obfuscator at that time you could not get back your formatted code correctly using any online tool. But using this website you can partially deobfuscate any JavaScript code again which will help you to understand the code structure.
Beautify CSS

Online CSS Beautifier

Beautify CSS. Every Good web designer uses CSS minifier tool to compress the whole code instantly. Since the CSS file load from the client site, so it is very helpful to increase the website speed if you upload the minified version of any CSS file. Yes, it a good habit of professional web designer. But if you want to edit the file again you need to use any tool to unminify or Beautify CSS code. This website will help you to do this perfectly.
Format HTML

Format HTML and XML

Not only unminify js or css, this Free Online HTML Formatter also help you to beautify any compressed HTML and format xml code correctly. So, convert your minified HTML, XML code to a friendly readable format to make it easier to read by creating proper indentation. If you are a professional web designer you must know that a good HTML formatter or beautify tool will keep spaces, tabs between content tags such as div and span as it is considered to be valid content. This website will help you to get your desired result appropriately.